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Leonardo Da Vinci. Georges-Eugène Haussmann. Le Corbusier. Designer Laetitia Laurent grew up in Paris surrounded by the works of these masters. So it’s only natural that when she’d establish her own interiors firm years later, she’d look to European principles that place form and proportion above all else. She travels back to Paris as often as she can to discover special furnishings and accessories, and attends industry shows like Maison & Objet and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in order to keep apprised of the latest collections, brands and under-the-radar artisans. Often leaning toward a minimalist aesthetic mixed with a relaxed coastal vibe, Laetitia is drawn to clean lines, organic materials, and thoughtful palettes even when they’re monochromatic. Picture Coco Chanel removing one accessory before leaving the house, and you have Laetitia’s very tailored and deliberate approach. She studied design, art and history in Paris, earned her master’s degree in history and international relations from the Sorbonne, speaks fluent French, and spends her summers in the south of France with her two children gleaning inspiration for her projects.